When you are searching for a better Internet hosting service and want to change your service provider, you will have to relocate the site content to the web hosting servers of the new business. While this can be done easily for a little HTML website, it could be more complicated to move a script-driven website, which uses a database, let alone if you have several sites. You shall have to move a large amount of files, databases and e-mails, not mentioning that you shall have to import everything on the new server and modify various system settings as to get the sites online on the new hosting platform. To save you the time and the trouble to move your content, we offer an absolutely free site migration service, so depending upon the type of hosting and the specific plan you opt for, our tech support team can relocate even multiple websites for you, ensuring that the way they look and function will be exactly the same.

Assisted Website Migration in Shared Hosting

The service is available with each and every shared hosting service which we offer, so the instant your new account is operational, you can contact us to prepare the migration procedure. Our experienced tech support can transfer even a number of sites depending on the particular plan that you have signed up for and shall test out each of them on our end to make sure that everything runs flawlessly when you point your domain to our innovative cloud hosting platform. In this way, you will not see any downtime of your websites because the exact same content will show up the instant the new domain name servers propagate. We're able to relocate any sort of Internet site, including a custom one, provided that it runs on a Linux-powered machine and it is not built via a closed-source platform like Wix or Weebly since we cannot access the actual website files. The whole migration process is normally carried out within 24-48 hours and we will let you know the moment we are done.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you acquire a semi-dedicated hosting account through our company, we can relocate your content absolutely free even if you have numerous websites under different domain addresses. Because our top-notch cloud hosting platform employs Linux, your current host needs to employ this Operating System as well and you shouldn't be using a closed-source online website design service such as Weebly, Mr. Site or Jimdo because they do not allow the website files to be accessed, hence we're not able to transfer this sort of a website. It usually does not take more than 48 hrs from the time you arrange the migration with our support team to the time everything is moved and ready, so that you can start employing our services in no time. You could take advantage for any custom-made website or for one which you've developed with a script-driven application like Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle or WordPress. As soon as everything is set, we'll notify you and you can change the name servers of your domains to point them to your new account. Due to the fact that the content shall be the same on both servers, your visitors won't notice any downtime during the DNS update propagation.

Assisted Website Migration in VPS Hosting

In case you sign up for one of our Linux VPS hosting, we shall be able to move many Internet sites from your current hosting company at no additional charge on top of the monthly VPS cost. Given that our web hosting servers use Linux, your web sites should also be running on this type of a hosting server and they should not be created with a closed online platform like Wix or Jimdo, but aside from that there aren't limits in regards to what the Internet sites need to be - WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or custom-built ones. Our seasoned tech support team will start the migration the instant your Virtual Private Server is ready and you get in touch with them. The timeframe for the migration depends upon the number of sites and their size, but typically the whole procedure will not take more than 48 hrs and this time includes thorough assessments to make certain that all websites will work flawlessly on our end. You will be able to change the name servers of the domains which you want to host on the VPS as soon as we notify you that the information has been transferred and you shall not notice any downtime as the exact same content will be available on both web servers.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you require additional power for your websites and you choose to obtain one of our dedicated web hosting solutions, we can relocate a number of websites from your present Internet hosting provider within just 2 days. However, the time can vary based upon their number and size, but it almost never takes more than that. Our admins can transfer any Internet site which can operate on a Linux web server and isn't designed on a closed platform such as Weebly or Jimdo as they limit the access to the files of the websites created through them, so if you have a custom-made site or you're employing a widely used script-driven application such as Joomla, phpBB or WordPress, we can transfer it quickly. We will test the Internet sites to make sure that they're operating adequately and when everything is ready, we will let you know, so that you could update the name servers of any domain which you would like to host on the dedicated server. Given that the content will be precisely the same on both ends, your sites shall be functioning during the DNS propagation. This service is completely free and we could save you a lot of time and efforts.